Meet The Team

We come from backgrounds of cyber security, customer relations, content creation, and engineering.
We have years of experience in our fields and are passionate about the success of this project and community.

We are also available to chat further on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord if you have any questions!

Founding Team

Rudy G. ($horty)
RocketFi Developer

Rudy is a full stack developer and creator of the RocketFi ecosystem. His work experience is supported through 12 years in systems engineering deployment/services, network intelligence, business start-up logistics and mixed media content creation. His technical background is focused on blockchain and telecom technologies, object oriented programming, ui/ux principles and agile frameworks. His academic background includes a Bachelors in Computer Engineering with a focus on materials science research.

Erick Lopez (Vick)

Erick is a creative director with a background in entertainment and user experience design. His work experience in the industry includes performing on popular shows like the Emmy winning CW show "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" as well as the Oscar nominated short film "Please Hold" on HBOMax. His tech background includes co-founding the startup Bizzy, a social productivity app combining calendar tools with social features. Using his background in the arts, he is able to creatively express a brand's mission through effective content, engaging storytelling, and UI design.

John S. (ItsJawnDoe)
RocketFi Developer

John is a software architect/developer with over 14 years of professional experience in business intelligence, web/mobile software development, product design, and automations. Throughout his career he has worked for large enterprise corporations in cyber security, telecom, and chip manufacturing. He is also a co-owners of an bilingual education company and a web developer for another app development company. He believes that software should bring automation, ease, and understanding to its users.

Ryan Deshields
Listings + Community

Ryan manages listings and works closely with Adam in community management. After completing his associate's degree in computer science, Ryan opted to follow a career path in law enforcement, earning a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. In addition to being a night shift supervisor, Ryan is also a member of the executive board of his FOP union. Through his career, Ryan has gained valuable insight into how criminal elements operate. The original interest Ryan had in computer science will be explored through the study of solidity and the development of security in the crypto space

Adam Bilbrey (FightinSquirrel)
Partnerships + Community

Adam is our Chief Partnership Officer and one of our Community Managers. He currently serves as a Union Steward and has served as a board member on a number of community associations. His friendly attitude and tenacity to do as much as he can for people in and outside of our community to help teach the knowledge he has acquired to bridge the gap of crypto acceptance. Always has his head down in research trying to learn new things to teach others in a simple way.  He is a motorcycle enthusiast and devout Christian with a never give up mentality.

Joey P.
Mobile Developer

Joey is a software developer specializing in Mobile development with over 10 years experience in iOS development. Besides his strong development experience he brings to each project, he also brings a sharp eye for UI/UX best practices and believes that a collaborative approach to product development achieves the best outcome. Throughout his career he's worked with companies both large and small across the globe to help bring their ideas from concept to completion. Joey is also a Co-founder & CTO for an App development Company which focuses on creating easier ways for people to make plans and meet.

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